Pictures | from inside the top wing in New York



He explained, "Harry McCloy" in a statement; that the building consisting of 96 floors of 432 Park Avenue in Manhattan, will feature superb residential units starting price of "16.95 million dollars," The height of the building 425.5 meters which is higher than the Empire State Building and the Chrysler Building.
He McCloy; "proud that we put a teacher in New York City can be seen from everywhere in the five administrative regions (of the city), which will enhance the skyline of cities Budaiya."
The statement; The construction work in the skyscraper designed by the architect, "Rafael phenolic" began in 2011, will expire next year.
According to the newspaper "Daily Mail" the British, the residents of the building will enjoy a balcony featuring the outdoors, and a health club, and a massage room and a massage and a swimming pool, and a huge hall for sports.
They can also enjoy a game of billiards in a room dedicated to it, and eat dinner up the bottom of the "chandelier" of a huge crystal.
The Council on Tall Buildings and housing in urban areas, the highest residential building in the world and call it a name (and the world) will open next year, also in the Indian city of Mumbai and will reach a height of 441 meters.
The council said that the highest residential building currently is the Tower Princess (Princess Tower) is located in Dubai, which has been the completion of its construction in 2012 with a length of 413 meters.

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