Pictures | deserted ski resort without snow and tourists in North Korea



When he visited one of the tourists only ski resort in North Korea, which is a project of choice for leader Kim Jong Un, and is built to attract thousands of foreign tourists, was surprised by the presence of a single tourist in the resort, and did not find any trace of the snow that is supposed to skating by tourists.
Ski lifts were bought from China to transport visitors to the 110 kilometres (70 miles) of multi-level slopes.  They were originally going to be bought from Switzerland but the deal was blocked because of trade sanctions
Was found Singaporean photographer Aram that any trace of tourists during his visit to the resort earlier this month of October, and the corridors of the hotel seemed empty and restaurants which sits only workers who sat without work, according to the British newspaper Daily Mail.
The Masikryong ski resort was built on top of Taehwa Peak, near the port city and naval base Wonsan, in just 10 months Photographer Aram Pan was given access to photograph the wood cabin style bedrooms, including this one in the 'Second Class Accommodation'A ski-less Kim Jong-Un visited the resort when it had snowy surroundings at the end of last yearThe Dome Cafe at Masikryong Ski Resort has a fake green grass floor and wicker chairs for skiers to enjoy refreshments in The Dome Cafe is a strange structure constructed next the ski resort's tiered hotel building A cafe in the Masikryong Hotel lobby has coffee bean pictures on its walls and purple plush chairs alongside its questionable interior designMr Pan said the pools 'are especially nice since the weather outside is cold and the water is nice and warm'The pool was complete and ready for swimmers to enjoy but nobody was swimming lengths in October Treadmills, a bicycle and cross-trainer machines are offered up for visitors to keep their fitness up while on vacation Visitors can hire skis and snow boots from the resort.  At the end of last year, a ski-less Kim Jong-Un was photographed surveying the then snowy surroundings during his visit A female worker stands behind the bar at the hotel, smiling in a smart uniform A mismatch of styles is used in another dining area, including a floor that has fake grass and fake patio on it Hundreds of snow canons from Sweden are used to keep the resort looking its best in winter 

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