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resort many nations and civilized people to adopt cycling as a means of transport in a civilized individual, to preserve the environment on the one hand and to keep the time on the other hand in order to avoid road congestion as well as to maintain the fitness of individuals.
Has spread the culture of cycling in many of the countries that has been prepared for this type of transportation all the infrastructure that encourages the public to use bicycles.
According to a report Business Insider Index Copnhaginaaz, 2013, which ranks 150 cities in the world according to the criteria include the facilities available for the use of bicycles and the extent of the spread of the culture of transportation bicycles and policies and other factors that affect directly or indirectly encourage Astkham bicycles, we come to you with a list 10 best cities in the world in terms of promoting the use of bicycles:

1 Amsterdam - Netherlands

2 Copenhagen - Denmark

3 Ottricht- Netherlands

4 Civil- Spain

4 (bis) - Bordeaux - France

5. Nantes - France

5 (bis) - Antwerp - Belgium

6 Eindhoven - Netherlands

7 Mmo- Sweden

8 Berlin - Germany

9 Dublin - Ireland

10 Tokyo - Japan

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