Pictures and video: trains to London in the future will change the world


Preparing to London to receive the subway trains of the new year the next 40, and revealed the British capital last week for modern vehicles to the public for the first time. 
and is expected to touch the wheels trains new tracks rail from mid-twenties of this century, with a long list of improvements amazing, that will have the consent of passengers Certainly. 
with the new design will be able to walk passenger vehicles within a length of the train, which saves a lot of wasted space to the closure of some vehicles in the past. Entrances and vehicles spaced equal distances apart and wide double doors, which will provide a great speed in the climb to the train carriages and landing them. It also designed glass partitions close in the absence of the train station, what will prevent the risk of crashes some error in the way of the passenger train.

Vehicles will be shorter in length, which will increase the flexibility of train movement, speed, and approached more than the station platform. 
all the ads in the new trains will be a flat-screen digital, and will supply subway cars to serve Wi-Fi, also will feature some lines carts conditioned, and will be conducted tests to run the train fully automatically without the need for tractor driver (although relying on the drivers in the first stages of the test).

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