Pictures | aircraft glass ceilings new revolution in the world of aviation

The newspaper "The Guardian" British uncovered what they described as the "new generation" of the aircraft, which will be available to travelers in 10 years to come.
And will provide the aircraft, according to the newspaper Heliopolis British-aircraft without windows, enables travelers to enjoy every moment in their journey of stunning natural scenery in the sky.
The new generation of aircraft will also enable travelers to open their e-mail and the Internet through the available touch screens in the seats showed that in confronting them or in large glass panels that will be instead of windows.
The new technology will depend on the organic emitting diodes to light, which is a combination of materials issued their own light when connected to electricity. It will enable those travelers technical presentation of what they want to do all those smart screens, and follow him all disappear when they look to anything other than those screens.
He explained innovation center, which has discussed the idea with the executing companies; that the purpose behind this idea not only lies in the provision of a new convenience for travelers, but also reduce the weight of the aircraft as well, which would reduce the rates of fuel consumption; which will lead to a decline in the price of tickets Aviation accordingly.
He said the center; that any reduction in the weight of the aircraft by 1% would reduce fuel consumption by 0.75%.

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