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  Has been selected the winners of the second season of Culinary Arts Annual by a team of experts and editors as well as industry experts and photographers and chefs.
2014 Award for the best meals in flights has been divided into two categories namely; "business" and "economic".
Won the UAE Award "selection of experts" for the second consecutive year, and experts say the magazine SAVEUR; they were impressed by the quality of food and level of service on the airline Emirates.
She and the magazine; that you can enjoy delicious cuisine such as "wild Iranian caviar with sour cream and lamb with roasted seasonal vegetables and mashed potatoes," as the chefs prepare menus healthy, too.
In first class and business class guests can Showering in one of the two Sessions of water on the plane before enjoying luxurious meals that contain traditional Arabic appetizers and lamb with roasted seasonal vegetables and mashed potatoes.
The Jury; "to dine amid this atmosphere of unparalleled luxury dinner in any restaurant or a large five-star hotel where our presence has already"
We can not help but appreciate the attention to detail every aspect of the trip with Emirates Airline, which makes the trip memorable, such as the travel itself.
And said a spokesman for Emirates Airline; "We are proud to be recognized us and our choice of food experts for the second year in a row in the competition of Culinary Arts magazine's annual SAVEUR
Eating well is an essential part of the travel experience Emirati regardless of class of travel, and sought the UAE in its obligations not only to offer the best experience to eat in the plane, but a dining experience deserve to be the best of the finest restaurants in all parts of the world.
 It was voted on fast first class and business class meals Oman Air's favorite readers, and meals have been described in the company's seasonal flights that offer as the highest cost of the ticket itself.
 Dinner first class and business class;   starts caviar appetizers like soup, followed by winter squash and apple soup, and includes a main dish; meat fillet beef, salmon and sea bass with cherry tomatoes, sauce Alzizon and saffron risotto with grilled asparagus.
In addition to the display dish shish kebab and rice and chickpeas steamed with pine and okra seasonal, and after the completion of candy (JATO chocolate mousse or baklava).
Chief Executive Officer of Oman Air , "Paul Gregory and Leach" We are pleased that the kitchen first class and business class, has drawn applause readers SAVEUR.
Oman Air; prides itself on its arrival to the highest standards of evaluation to provide such meals on its flights and added; "We believe we offer the best dining experience in the aircraft, and we are very happy that a lot of readers SAVEUR agree with us in it, and we would like to offer their thanks for the support us.
In the same area won each of Etihad Airways, and the lines of Delta Air and Singapore Airlines to vote is unprecedented, and we refer to note for first class and business class airline Qatar Airways Korean , Air New Zealand , linesQantas flights , Virgin Atlantic , airlines to South Africa , airlines Turkish , Air America, Virginia , Lufthansa airlines andthe Royal Thai .
As for the economic flight; Vhazat lines on both Singapore Airlines , and praised by everyone Bojbadtha provided to passengers and that they offer different international meals.
 Menus on those airlines offer options of East and West, for example, the Malaysian favorite meal "NASI LEMAK": and is a rice dish with coconut milk and warm pasta or stew from Provence boiled beef and chili.
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