Photos of 10 exciting contest for National Geographic Photos 2014

for the end of this month post large, where aspiring organizers to be the posts this year as strong as last year and includes moments of amazing and wonderful sights, and is scheduled to Posts stops receiving end of October and the announcement of the winners in December.
The images are divided into three different categories: people, places, and nature. , And will be publishing the winning photos in the contest, which will be chosen by a team of photographers at National Geographic in the next issue of National Geographic and will each photographer to $ 2,500, while the winner will receive the first $ 7,500 and a trip to the headquarters of the National Geographic in Washington, and the following are some Pictures participating in the contest and provided by National Geographic.
1-visited photographer, "Carrie Nash" in Ethiopia adventure lasted three weeks, and was camped near the village of these women in the Omo Valley, and is home to some of the ancient tribes and the most unique in the world, and which is currently under threat of displacement.
2 amazing image of the sunset on the lake Jokulsarlon glacier in southern Iceland, lens Francesco Ricardo Iacomino.
3 Strezlecki in the desert in Australia, a group of birds Galahs drink of water only available down this tree.
4 photographer Colin MacKenzie Take a picture polar bear cub and is playing in digging in the ice near Svalbard, Norway.
5 show this photo Diver Diving mma original, which is part of a suit belonging to a retired diver work during the years of the fifties with this equipment in Lake Geneva, this equipment weighs 140 £ and supplied with air by a hand pump run by two people.
6 This picture was taken in Baronda Trail in California
7 viewed this beautiful jellyfish floating horizontally in the aquarium in San Francisco Bay, California.
8 There are many exotic green turtles off the coast of Tenerife in the Canary Islands. Photographer from Montse Grillo spends much of his time in the filming of these creatures compassionate.
9 . Young women masquerading has been painted on their faces to celebrate the Mexican holiday of the valley de los Meurtos or Day of the Dead in Oaxaca, Mexico.
10-in Burning Man there is nothing more intense than Thondrdom, run by a group called the Union of death, in Thondrdom fighting Participants each other for five minutes in front of crowd chants who watches the battle from the top of the dome.33_ng_photo_contest_2014-09-23_281442_places

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