Photo-Video | This is what happens to your purposes, which was inspected at the airport

Indianapolis International Airport announced in America for a public auction for the sale of more than 2,000 pieces of the purposes for which the passenger forgotten or lost within the airport building, in order to raise money to finance various operational business at the airport.
Include the purposes for which it will be displayed for sale at the auction, a large number of T-shirts, hats, tools and electronic devices, watches and traditional real jewelry, according to the newspaper The Daily British miles.
And will display the goods that the owners did not demand restored, along with aviation equipment surplus to need the airport, and was the last auctions peculiar needs remained for a long time at the airport, such as the violin professionally device industrial and bounds and equipment X-ray, and reached the proceeds of another auction to more than 255 thousand dollars.
Mark Pike said advertising director at the company "in order to Okachinarz" ​​supervising the auction, forget that the purposes for which travelers at airports must meet certain conditions before offered for sale at the auction.
First, you must meet the Airport Authority all possible ways to find the owner, also must pass at least 30 days after finding the purpose for which the traveler forgot, before becoming eligible for sale in the auction.
Pike added that many of the purposes for which it will be displayed for sale at the auction, over several months in the stores, and the purposes for which it confiscated at security checkpoints, are not included in the auction exhibits.
Pike pointed out that the police are verifying the lost purposes, when you receive a complaint from one of the passengers before shedding a purpose at the airport.
Similar auctions are held in British airports, but the policies which differ from one airport to another, and at London Luton Airport is donating the purposes for which leaves travelers in favor of one of the charities, and after 3 months of the loss.

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