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Engelberg - Canton-Of-Obwalden - Switzerland-Photo

Village Anglberg: Engelberg
Located near the top of Tils in Switzerland, is characterized by the village as a great beauty, where covered by trees and green grass separate the summer while are of snow in the winter and most of the months of the year are scattered small houses with all their parts, are also characterized by Bhoaúha clean and quiet, and is a destination for lovers of skiing where the summit Tils (high 3 km) next to it and can climb to it by cable car.
For tourists who want to visit the village of Angelberg, this village lies about 35 km from the city of Lucerne and 85 km from the city of Zurich, as shown in the map.
You can search for available hotels in the village through this link  .
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01 ski lodge engelberg
Dorf Engelberg Sonne;  Village Engelberg Sun;engelberg viewEngelberg_02engelberg-z6t resized_800x528_800x528_titlis_rotair_gletscher_aus
 Hängebrücke, Familie, Kinder;  Suspension Bridge, Family, Children;

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