common Tourist mistakes that should be avoided before and during the flight Travel


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Of the basic objectives of tourism is pumping happiness in the soul (and posted on Facebook) .. we all agree on this, and therefore, preferred not to mar the tourist experience any defects in order to achieve this goal. But tourism, Like other life experiences, always prone to failure (God forbid). But after; ounce of prevention, as you know, is better than a pound of cure, so we collected for you some of the experience of travelers (partly losers) months errors tourist strongly advise you to stay away and that her Tantbhoa them. Success always!

1. to discover that the validity of your passport has expired the day before the date of travel! 
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Make sure the date of the passport months before the trip ... 

2. not put some clothes backup inside your bag that you carry with you the personal to the plane ...
 Errors that should be avoided while traveling - not to carry with you some clothes backup to the plane

In case your luggage is lost during the main shipping, so do not stay in the same clothes for days and days, take it with you to the plane extra clothes. 

3. be forced to get rid of some of your clothes at the airport because of the mobilization of the amount of excess luggage. 
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Traveled light as air, and leave some space for Hidayatullah Memorial acquired by the trip.

4. After landing in the cheapest airport, accommodate you in another world!
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Remember that if you booked a plane landing at the airport "cheap", you save yourself $ 100 and $ 200, but you acted on transportation to reach isolated from that airport to your hotel. 

5. not pre-booked accommodation ... 
 Errors that should be avoided while traveling - that do not arrange your accommodation before you travel

We are sure you will not want to reach your destination after a tiring travel to discover that all the hotels full of tourists. Advance planning is important. 

6. gluing the rest of the tourists!
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Real traveler knows that the real journey is an adventure independent and free. Enjoy from the group, but give yourself time for your lost and discover and learn about the place and its people without having to commit to taste and whims Group co ...

7 can spend all your money at the beginning of the trip to buy souvenirs guide!
 Errors that should be avoided while traveling - that the conduct of your money to buy souvenirs first trip

Memorial is a guide of the most expensive commodities in tourist cities, therefore, we recommend that you buy those gifts before the last day of your return.  

8 approaching overload of wild animals. 
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Warning: Do you want that Antg bull? Or rhino? No? Do not approach if more than the allowable limit ...

9 ignoring local outfit acceptable. 
 Errors that should be avoided while traveling -tgahl traditions of the place in the clothing and modesty

Look before you travel to the country for its traditions, social norms and acceptable local outfit, so as not to violate the laws of social. 

10. not take clothing appropriate for the weather local ...
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Do according to the commandment of the eternal mother and take with you to dress appropriately for the cold! Or to shop. :) 

11 is a reasonable amount of shooting pictures. 
 Errors that should be avoided while traveling - Photography exaggerated amount of images

Photographing the beautiful sites that you visit is an important act, but the real beautiful moments kept your memory only if passed by their senses and not by the camera lens. 

12 that calculates the monthly collide dramatically after you return from traveling, because of the lack of order of the use of the cell phone out of the country ...
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 There is no worse than receiving a bill for the amount of $ 1,000 cell phone after you return from a wonderful trip. 

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