Canberra Festival enlighten the aorta of the most beautiful what can you expect for this year.

This year, Australia's capital, Canberra, will light up. Will be the city's historical landmarks and famous is the center of enlightenment with a series of art and performance. Mega-event series welcomes the audience and invites them to explore what has Canberra in this presentation. In addition to a lot of concerts, performances, exhibitions, tours and talks, and displays the event is also a series of programs on the parameters of the projected light Canberra. National Gallery of Australia, National Library of Australia and the parliament building we will be some of the buildings that will light up with the most beautiful colored expectations.
Events and programs comes from local artists, such as Rose Skinner, January Senbergs, Anna Madeleine and John Cattapan, has attracted the attention of more than 130,000 viewers around the world.
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This is a wonderful gallery of light

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