Amazing pictures: See what they added to the metro system in Stockholm of creativity and madness

Stockholm is home to one of the most beautiful subway in the world. It's like entering the world of crime in the imagination of the most creative minds in Sweden. And the designation of the railway each label to be colored, red line, blue line, and the Green Line. It's like a huge art gallery takes you through time as you can see the sculptures, paintings, mosaics and inscriptions made in 1940 all the way through the year 2000 in addition to that, you all this only when you buy a metro ticket this!
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lifebuzz-45809304 lifebuzz-11032485 lifebuzz-47934662 lifebuzz-53111251
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lifebuzz-81568801 lifebuzz-95928856 lifebuzz-34209373 lifebuzz-19526793
lifebuzz-91727201 lifebuzz-27390475 lifebuzz-91224070 lifebuzz-62636314

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