5 best areas for camping in the UAE



And offer you the following are the best camping sites in the UAE, according to the newspaper Emirates247:
 1-Khali desert
Know this desert between locals desert Liwa, and is the richest desert sand in the world, offering tourists all that is needed to experience a typical Bedouin via a tour of the beauty and visit the farms and local ski on sand dunes and other other activities, and advised Friendly all security and safety equipment during the flight including GPS and the use of expert evidence in the area.
2 Forest Hayer
This is a forest on the way to Dubai Eye of the best places for camping, especially for people who do not want to stray too far from the city, and can be reached by car by following the border fence between the UAE and Oman, and the forest is a collection of trees Ghaf traditional that has grown because of the accumulation of groundwater coming from Oman Mountains.
3 Valley Wurayah
Reserve lies Valley Wurayah mountainous part of the Hajar Mountains, which extends from the Sultanate of Oman in the south and even the Strait of Hormuz in the north, where penetrate this series the entire coastline of the Emirate of Fujairah, called the valley renamed proportion to plant piety which is the local name for the plant reeds and famous for his love of the water, where spreads in particular the whereabouts of permanent pools of water in the valley.
4 beach camp in Umm Al Quwain
For lovers of fishing and camping on the beach, the beach offers a camp in Umm away from the Dubai 45-minute drive experience distinctive pool and sleep near the sea, it is necessary to take the necessary safety equipment during the trip.
5 sands of ragweed
Provide for ragweed red sands opportunity for tourists to enjoy a night of rest and sleep in the open air, and away from the Dubai Hatta Road about 30 minutes near the rock fossil known in the region, and can stay barbecues and enjoying a distinctive best times with friends.

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  1. Camping in the UAE and Oman being generally pretty safe, there are several safety aspects to consider before you venture off. The huge expanses of the desert can get you an unforgettable experience of camping in Dubai.