Video Tour | inside the largest cruise ships in the world


Approximately rising ship "Allure Of The Sea" along the Norwegian Freedom Tower, and weighing more than the weight of the Eiffel Tower, so classified among the largest cruise ships in the world.
And offer you the following are the five largest cruise ships in the world, according to what is stated in the British newspaper The Daily Telegraph.
Ranked fifth ship "Brick Wi" Norwegian and weighing 146 tons and a length of 1062 feet.
Ranked fourth ship "Queen Mary 2", which includes its own planetarium, and the cost of the flight, carrying 12 thousand pounds.
The ship came "to Peretti Of The cess" in dusty where the third and weighs 154 407 tons, with a lounge and a private ski and golf course and many other recreational facilities and other services.
Second ship and replaced "Norregean APEC" and includes a bar made entirely of ice in addition to the bowling alley and other sports.
And shared all of the "Allure Of The Sea" and "Oasis of the Seas" ranked first, with a weight of each 225 282 tons "Allure Of The Sea" is longer by about 5 cm, and includes all of the ships 18-storey and 24 elevator for passengers and four swimming pools .

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