Tourist attractions in Oslo


Characterized by the Oslo city being diverse and interesting, something that is reflected clearly on the shrines and attractions they contain interesting city, from parks and gardens, passing through the museums and art galleries, and others. We start with " Norway Museum of Science and Technology , "which deals with themes of technology, industry, medicine, and comprises about 20 presentations and always temporary. Is the place lets you explore the world around you and try to answer your questions through its information models and simulators interesting. The museum also explains how to change the lives of people here over 150 years, particularly in the areas of public health and medicine and health care, and therefore a unique shrine already. Facility in the museum cafe serves Italian and Greek coffee and snacks.


Last place is worth watching is the Viking Ship Museum amazing, one of the pillars of Norwegian history and culture. The museum displays those wooden ships, which date back to the construction of some of the ninth century AD, in addition to a number of smaller boats and skis, tools, textiles and household items dating from that era. Do not forget also Akirhos fort , which is located in the city center, which highlights the history of the city, in addition to being a great place to spend a beautiful summer day. Build a fort dating back to the 14th century and has a strategic location, especially since it has been besieged several times through the ages. Shrine provides guided tours of the pioneers in the summer and are using it to host several major events such as the official celebrations and events.

(Fort Akirhos)

The Museum Holmincolan historic landmark in the conscience of Norway, as located within the platform to jump on the ice and is the oldest museum dedicated to the ice rink in the world, dating to about 4,000 years and includes many of the polar effects. The viewing platform above the existing Vttal amazing views of the city of Oslo and welcomes guests year-round.

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