The proposed tour in Geneva - Switzerland


Day One - Start your day watching the water fountain magnificent Jet Du and Flower Clock in the Jardin Alkaúntan Englishmen, then set off in a boat tour of Lake Geneva on the back of the steamer. Visit the old town in the West left and eat dinner at a restaurant Bourg de Four Square.

Two days - you can spend the first day in sightseeing and places mentioned above, and then took the initiative on the second day visited a number of the most important museums in the city of Geneva . We suggest traffic at the Museum of Art and the historic Red Cross Museum and the Museum of Bali de Nacion.
(Museum of the Red Cross)
Three days - you can spend the first two days of sightseeing mentioned previously, before spending the day in the third Geneva wander around on foot. You can then join one of the guided tours that take you to the Alps - including Mont Blanc towering to enjoy panoramic views distinct.
(Mont Blanc)
Four days - you can spend the first three days in sightseeing and shrines mentioned above, and there is the independence of the steamer to the city of Lausanne to allow you to wander out and explore the attractions that comprise such as the old town and jetties adjacent to the lake in O'Shea, before returning to Geneva in the evening.
(City  of Lausanne)
Five days - spend the first four days of stay in accordance with the above proposed tours and traveled on the fifth day to Montreux on the back of the steamer. After visiting the resort is located near the lake, you can go on a tour outside the city to see the Chateau de Chillon Castle famous.
(Chateau de Chillon Castle)

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