Shopping in Vienna


May not be the city of Vienna, the Austrian ascetic of shopping destinations, but certainly of the most exciting and fun and versatile. Both the outskirts Ejrabin and Koulmarki and Carntnerstrass months of shopping areas here, and pedestrian in order to guarantee them a unique experience and comfortable. Here you shopping Austrian chandelier and magnificent crystal crafts, as well as handicrafts, art and even bronze. The Street Carntnerstrass loved the streets of the city, featuring a range of high-end shops that sell jewelry, watches, fashion and even stationery. Please you this place also with restaurants, cafes and souvenir outlets.

Street Carntnerstrass)
The Street Marayahelvrstrass shall be deemed to act as the commercial heart of the city, as it is the longest street and runs between "and Istbanov" and "Ringstras." Here you will find a large variety of products, in addition to the congestion of this famous street cafes, restaurants and attractions, leisure and tourism. Street is unique because it offers you everything from small shops to the ancient and traditional folk clothing stores, passing legalize sale of electronics and even supermarkets multiple sections to enjoy a wonderful mix of shops and facilities. For those looking for well-known brands and fashion houses, you'll find seized upon "Koulmarki" and "Grabn", where luxury products and fashion lines elegant. Spread in the neighborhood are also many small streets branching from the main street like this, "Naobogas" and "Indengas" and "Kircangas" that provide shoppers alternatives other than the ones they find in the big department stores. Here you will find shops selling items and second-hand goods, as well as a bouquet of Asian and Latin stores, in addition to a number of shops and elegant fashion outlets popular supermarket brilliant. As for wanting to shopping malls amid the atmosphere of high-end, The availability them a city "Vienna" a lot of opportunities and choices. We start Complex "Ringstrasn Galerin" actually in the city center next to the Opera House, which comprises about 60 stores to sell world-famous brands and leather products, shoes, jewelry and watches, along with some restaurants and cafes. We also recall "to Ogner City", which contains almost 110 stores, in addition to a gym, cinema halls and some restaurants. Would not be complete without a visit to the city traffic in one of the old and traditional markets such as the market Naschmarkt foods. The market loved the destinations of its kind here and contains an impressive array of grocery stores and small restaurants belonging to different cultures.

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