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When was the last time I took a trip to the charming nature? If these stunning images of the Utah desert will lead you to shut down your computer and start making plans for trips in the great outdoors.
A wonderful picture of the rugged land in western America known towering rock formations and cracked earth
May be mistaken for thinking this place is devoid of color
But every so often Nature gives us an incredible view of the land that produces flowers and the coolest, with carpets of Scorpionweed and Beeplant
The plants have adapted to the desert in the American environment. That receive moisture in the spring and keeps the water as much as possible
This makes the plants bloom and multiply very quickly.
It only happens every few years and only a few days, so we see this explosion of color is a miracle in itself.
It's incredible ecosystem that thrives only on the necessities to sustain life.
Flowers bloom and go to seed quickly, and this means that some of the seeds to wait years until the rain beside the flowers.
The writer John Steinbeck that rugged land was more beautiful at night
It is proof that beauty is able to thrive even in the most inhospitable places.

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