Pictures | Luxury Palace in the Beverly Hills for sale for 85 million dollars


Displays currently Palace Luxury "Beverly Hills", California, USA, for sale at $ "85 million dollars", and frequent news about the intention of the American singer "Beyonce" and her husband, American singer "Jay G." buy the palace.

And contains a luxurious mansion on 9 bedrooms, 15 bathrooms, and a garage area to accommodate 16 cars, also contains a security system valued at more than a million dollars, in addition to sculptures by about a quarter of a million dollars.
It also includes the Palace Square relaxed background, enjoying a panoramic view of downtown, "Los Angeles."
It contains the palace on a large swimming pool.
The palace overlooking the skyscrapers, and surrounded by palm trees and exotic plants.
The display includes a longitudinal wall windows, gives a distinctive view of the interior rooms.
According to real estate development company "Bruce Makovsky," responsible for the sale of the palace, it contains works of art Vintage, including motorcycle living room belonging to American actor "James Dean."
The palace houses a dining room guests enjoy panoramic views of the charming city of "Los Angeles."
It contains the palace on a spacious bathroom, with a screen display, and the bathtub next to the window longitudinal charming panoramic views on the skies, "Los Angeles."
It also contains the palace on the cinema hall, nine of 24 people.

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