Pictures | Hotel allows guests stay free of charge in return for climbing the mountain



Has recently been building a hotel on the summit of Mount "Foronon Buinz" Italy rise 8,300 feet, and the hotel welcomes guests without having to pay fees but they have to climb the mountain first before boarding the hotel.

Designed hotel the Italian company "Diemmelegno", in honor of the climber "Luca Verak" who died tragically in an avalanche while climbing a waterfall freezing, was built the hotel using a helicopter used to transport the materials needed, where it was the establishment of the hotel using 30 wooden board, which was formed in a day One by 12 people, including family "Luca", friends and volunteers.
This idea of ​​the owners of the architect, "Giovanni Pascamska" of Udine in Italy, where he said that a safe place for lovers of climbing mountains, can also enjoy nature while silently presence there, depending on the location redditjs.

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