Pictures | flight attendant scandals reveal passengers and their behavior disgusting

Established the previous host, "Sean, Kathleen," a page on the site of social relations "Facebook" called it "the scandals of the passengers," which displays photographs of passengers behaving badly; such as leaving dirty diapers in the pockets of the seats, and take off the shirt on the plane.
And the movement of the network, "CNN" for Sean as saying; It has been days away was traveling on planes is characterized by elegance, but now the case has become even worse, and more annoying host Sean is a take off socks and odors from the feet, but may exceed it borders, while finds Fixed feet another passenger in the face or over his head.
Sean has seen what she said, had the worst, they burned the head of a person contraband smokes in the bathroom of the plane, says Sean; whatever you do, do not use nail scissors on the plane, no one wants to see you take care of your feet at an altitude of 30 thousand feet.
Sean Kathleen resigned from her job as host airline last year, to become a nurse. Says Sean; traveled on the plane, but do not leave behind your underwear, or garbage or dentures or your nails and hair wigs.
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