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spread hiking and recreation, or what is known as Hiking, between the different age groups as a sport depends on a healthy walk in the corridors of natural unpaved and climb the heights and valleys and cut tracks in the lap of nature. It is a type of sports practiced by a lot of scouts in addition to being the world's tourism and recreation.
According to the site post the pictures "Pentrist", has been selected sites following 10 best sites available where walkways and corridors in the natural world:

1 Falls Aellowah- Origon- America:
1. Elowah Falls, east of Portland, Ore., Reaches 505 feet in the Columbia River Gorge.

2- (Glacier National Park) - North America Montana-: There is a natural walkway along the 700 miles
2. The West Entrance of Glacier National Park in northern Montana has over 700 miles of trails winding around dozens of fresh water lakes.

3 strait, Zion National Park, Utah, United States

4 white cliffs of Dover - South East of England
4. The White Cliffs of Dover, which face France from southeastern England, reach up to 350 feet and get their striking facade from a natural accumulation of chalk.

5- TOUR DU MONT BLANC Mont Blanc, Switzerland, Italy, France, and one of the best walking areas in Europe 

6 Kribeir pedestrian walkway, Virginia - America: a length of 35 miles
6. Virginia Creeper Trail in southwestern Virginia runs 35 miles and is great for mountain biking.

7- SENTIERO AZZURO, Cinque Terre, Riviera, Italy
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8 Falls Snokowalma- WASHINGTON America
8. Snoqualmie Falls, east of Seattle, Wash., Is a 268-foot-high waterfall that has appeared in the cult television show "Twin Peaks."

9 Mount SANTA CRUZ TREK - The Cordillera Blanca - Peru
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10- BIBBULMUN TRACK, National Park, the southern coast of Australia

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