Pictures | Australian city of its inhabitants live underground

Populating the city of Australian in houses under the ground, does not appear which only Mdakhanha scattered in different parts, and relies City "Coober Pedy" on mining, it extracts including Australia 95% of the stone, "opal Karim" issued by the countries of the world, a source of national income Statute of the City .
And despite the fact that "Coober Pedy" seem lifeless, because there is activity over land, but he lives under the surface about 3,500 people.
The beginning was in 1915, when miners houses built underground to escape the heat, which sometimes up to 125 Fahrenheit, which is equivalent to 51 degrees Celsius.
He built the population "Coober Pedy" 1,500 homes, and churches, and hotels, and shops, can be accessed via the entrances above ground.
Located "Coober Pedy" in the desert of South Australia's remote, and look Kalmkhabi houses the city, in the heart of the desert.
And provided the city with all the facilities that you may need traditional houses, electricity, TVs, and modern kitchens and bathrooms.
The population making a network of tunnels under the desert land, and found out what it takes to establish a balanced life.
And lacking "Coober Pedy" to natural lighting sources, for being under the ground, and then rely on their homes and hotels light bulbs throughout the day.
It also includes the city of Australian stores to sell books.
And does not eliminate the city's population all times under the ground, but they go out some time to practice golf, they practice on a desert spaces, instead of the traditional green spaces.

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