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The newspaper "Business Insider" reports the American photographer for the most serious tourist destinations in the world, and the report came as follows:
Rock "half-dome" or (Half Dome), Park "Yosemite" national in California: one of the most rock known there, and faces Climbers severe difficulty in climbing, as it steep, and devoid of factors that help only a pair of ropes installed when Summit , with a trip to the summit of the rock is 8.5 miles, but keep a distance of 400 feet the latter is the most difficult stage, on a journey to reach the summit.

Beach "New Smyrna" (New Smyrna): It is located in the county, "Volusia" in Florida, and although it seems a quiet and safe outwardly, but it is the most dangerous places on holidaymakers in the world, known as the "capital of shark attacks" the large number of shark attacks in this spot specifically about anywhere else in the world.

"Pond Devil" (Devil's Pool): formed naturally near the edge of Victoria Falls, located on the border between the states of Zambia and Zimbabwe, and returns the seriousness of those pond to ease the sliding swimmers and their downfall in Muscat waterfall of this high altitude, especially the time of the flood, which makes it One of the most dangerous places in the world.

Volcano "Cerro Negro" (Cerro Negro): It is located in the city, "Leon" Republic "Nicaragua", which is the smallest volcano in Central America, but he is very active, has erupted this volcano more than 20 times since 1850 until now, and is characterized by Bermalh black , which travelers can ski over it, but it is steep and dangerous, and skiers must wear goggles, to avoid the hottest sand.

"Island of Snakes" or (Snake Island): Located just 90 miles from the coast of the city, "Sao Paulo" in Brazil, which is home to the snake golden-called "golden lancehead vipers", and the number of snakes stationed there from this faction to 4000 snake, It is one of the most dangerous types of snakes and toxicity, it is possible to dissolve the SMH human flesh, and the Brazilian government prohibits the entry of that island, and only entered the Navy to guard the lighthouse, or scientists to conduct their research.

Mount "Hua Shan" (Mt Huashan): Located Province "Heian" in central China, and contains a lot of Buddhist temples, also boasts one of the most dangerous mountain passes incredible in the world, and must of Iassadh to be careful because a lot of bridges broken, which led to the deaths of hundreds of people who tried to climb to the top.

Village "Tinubu" (Teanupoo): Located on the island of "Tahiti", which is one of the most dangerous beaches for surfing in the world, where you may reach wave height by 21 feet, in addition to the near coral reefs sharp from the surface of the sea, which increase the risk of place.

Using "Yungas" (Yungas): signed in the state, "Bolivia", one of the most dangerous roads in the world, known as the "Highway of Death", where it passes this way forests "Amazon" at an altitude of 15 thousand feet, shall not exceed the display 12 feet, add to the lack of walls surrounded, and poor visibility due to rain and by the fog, and exposed between 200 to 300 annually driver to death accidents on this road.

Volcano "Villarrica" ​​Villarrica)): It is located south of the state, "Chile", which is one of the most active volcanoes in the world, and requires great care to climb, because of his decline, and the spread of cracks and avalanches him.

Lake "jellyfish" (Jellyfish Lake): Located on the island of "Palau", and contain millions of jellyfish gold is not harmful, but I must warn travelers of diving depths, where there is in the lower levels of the lake large amounts of hydrogen sulfide, which can be can be fatal.

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