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Revealed an Austrian company recently launched a new boat by the name of Ccormiran or Kormaran and boat is unique and would make a revolution in the world of marine transportation.
Kormaran boat is a distinctive design that combines luxury and diverse investments where Bamkanehaadh features a machined or rather transferred to each of the Jet Ski for two, or a boat Katerman stainless Oomensh to jump the waves and sun.
The boat is made of carbon fiber, which granted the durability and lightness of weight, as it is supported techniques of light aircraft weight, as well as Formula 1 cars as well as the security system and includes an upgraded dashboard includes the latest technology in the world of technology.
It also features this boat Ptsamiem Luxury and a length of 7 meters, 3.5 meters and width, while the weight amounts to 1500 kg, which is equipped with three engines strongly 500 hp, four headlamps provide passenger front and a clear vision at night.

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