How to get to this place ?



 raised the picture published by the National Geographic magazine special nominations Photo Contest tourism in the world's admiration of many around the world, it is between those images emerged a picture of the photographer Peter Lake, who picked them up in Oregon American natural area covered with waterfalls, has stated Peter that this Waterfalls formed because of the rain that fell on the area before shooting.
The search for her name turned out to be Oneonta Falls approved the American authorities as a protected plant task as it contains herbs and algae are rare, has become one of the most important tourist attractions in the area.
And anyone who wants to visit these waterfalls he go to the city, located in Portland, Oregon, United States, and then move to the area of ​​Oneonta Gorge, located within the area of ​​the Columbia River.
As the photographer Peter Lake filming a video clip shows how to capture an image of the candidate among the best pictures in the world of tourism.

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