For fans of dinner in the Sea Dubai

Available in Dubai are many options for concerts among friends and family, whether a birthday or holiday parties or other successes, and anyone who loves the sea there are opportunities to celebrate aboard naval vessels in the creek or ocean view, here are some options:
1 trips and concerts freely on board the hovercraft (Qtmran)

cruises for 4 hours versus AED 550 per person inclusive of buffet and barbecue (BBQ) 
journey takes you around the Palm Jumeirah, Atlantis Hotel and Burj Al Arab 
and towels are available and several diving those who wish to do so 
starting from Dubai Marina 
To connect: 042394760

2 trips and concerts freely on board GuGu Boat

cruises compared to AED 4000 per hour for a team of up to 90 people on board the yacht of two floors.Besides crew of 4 people. 
available buffet 
tee from Dubai Marina 
to contact: 0501275873

3 trips and concerts freely on board the ship Dubai Creek

cruises compared to AED 150 for adults and AED 120 for children for two hours in the Dubai Creek on board a wooden ship 
available buffet 
scurrying up and down the Dubai Creek 
to connect: 042,394,760

4 trips and concerts freely on a yacht Mona Lisa

cruises versus AED 220 per person, or AED 4500 to hire the yacht, which sought for 130 passengers 
available buffet, in addition to other activities such as games, magic and yoga and other 
scurrying from Dubai Marina 
to contact: 0507250455 Www.facebook .com / monalisayacht


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