Family parks in Orlando


Famous city of Orlando, the state of "Florida" of America being loved tourist destinations thanks to the content of the various shrines wonderful family that are happy all the family members and allow them to spend a fun and entertaining times. Perhaps one of the most important and the most prominent of these shrines is a resort and Walt Disney World Resort , which consists of several areas of the park which attract Magic Kingdom Parkentertainment. The park has been designed to reflect the atmosphere of adventure and the world of imagination and fun through 7 regions or "worlds" different. Children can here the role of the reincarnation of a pirate or sea monsters frightening and watch parades and brilliant fireworks and lots and lots of activities suitable for all ages.

(Magic Kingdom Park)

The Disney Hollywood Studio Vtaatmhor his toys around the world of Hollywood movies, from old movies to the most recent and loved. Here, too, that children participate Ptqmus several roles such figures "rock" and "Broadway" and others. We also recall park Universal Orlando Resort , which includes recreational roller coaster trains and hosts live events and has a lot of excitement and challenge games, in addition to integrated facilities include restaurants and hotels.

(Universal Orlando Resort)

We also recall SeaWorld Orlando , which is home to the wonderful marine creatures, games and presentations. Here you can enjoy whale and dolphin and feed the birds unique. This is in addition to the various water sports, restaurants, hotels and other tourist facilities. And do not forget, of course, another great shrine is worth a visit to Legoland Florida, which targets children between the ages of 2 to 12 years, which covers an area of 150 acres. Includes park no less than 50 different games, next to the diverse presentations and exhibits cubes "LEGO" granulocytes and other interactive activities that welcomes the participation of young people and adults alike.Like other family shrines, not without "Legoland" from a special compound for restaurants, hotels and markets that sell souvenirs and gifts to ensure that all spend the trip distinct and complementary.

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