5 strangest hotels in the world


Do you dream of spending the night inside the belly of a giant horse? Do you imagine yourself in a plane 

hanging on the Mount, where do you evaluate the day and night? Five hotels before you aim to renew 

the fictional world of hotels by creating unusual environments for their customers. Sighed deeply and 

Begin the journey!

1-Ice Hotel, Sweden

This consists of the entire hotel carved from ice, and built each year from new, it opens its doors to visitors 

from December until April. Be sleeping in rooms glacial temperature 5, inside sleeping bags on a bed of ice 

covered with animal hides the stove. The drinks and food carefully selected to suit the low temperatures, and 

progress in pots, plates of ice.

2-The Magic Mountain Hotel, Chile | summit in hospitality

This hotel is designed in the form of a mountain full of vegetables, where the flow of fresh water above the 

falls. The hotel has rooms with wooden furniture and comfortable home, and is accessed by a spiral staircase 

runs the length of the building. Enjoy staying at the hotel picturesque view of the surrounding nature's 

protected natural magic "Hoilo Hoilo" which offers the possibility to catch fish from the river where the reality.

3 "Costa Verde", the plane hotel, Costa Rica acetic atmosphere ...

Before becoming a hotel, was a passenger plane from a luxury model 727 of 1965, after the opening of this 

luxury resort has been restored and converted to plush room at the resort by the ocean, contains two 

bedrooms, a salon and a kitchen. Being hung on a mountain in the center of the forest makes residents feel 

like they are flying in the sky during the consideration of the windows of the plane.

4 "Ballad de Gnome me," Trojan Horse Hotel, Belgium

There is no need to try to imagine the sense of the Greek warrior while hiding inside the wooden Trojan 

Horse, this resort offers unique suites in the form of the legendary horse "Trojan"; which is composed of two 

layers Khcbatin Tajan monuments taken from the fantasy world and European mythology. The resort offers 

several rooms featuring character imaginary prominent furniture and design and the surrounding environment.

5 "8", hotel clunkers, Germany

This hotel is located in the site has been working in the past as an international airport, it was built on land 4-

star hotel degree, provides its customers the possibilities of establishing a unique, geared to lovers of old cars 

and race cars. Architectural design and style indoor furniture displays the subject of cars, you can choose the 

type of car you want to stay where the visitor, and has a legendary old cars, and other classic and distinctive.

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