Boeing hostesses, there is a question I've always wanted to ask and they best to answer!

Hostesses (Othbehn or Tlhen) with the knowledge that they are possible to be your best friend in Ranlk that possible that stretch for miles long, and they walk in the lanes back and forth, and these features hostesses Virgin Atlantic, where they spend time in the plane on foot in the aisles during long trips but the question Are these girls them a place to rest or what?
Now with the design of Virgin Atlantic will find the answer! Been designed on the Boeing 787 Dreamliner, where there are quarters to rest very spacious where a secret room to go to bed.
787 Dreamliner Aircraft Previewed Ahead Of Singapore Airshow
Pilots can also get a chance to sit back and relax from the long-haul flights, and sleeping quarters do not look bad.
787 Dreamliner Aircraft Previewed Ahead Of Singapore Airshow
California Governor Brown Speaks At Boeing Facility During Debut Of New 787 Dreamliner
 Boeing 777 crew seems to be the upper backing looks a little different.

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