12 information distinct from the 12 distinctive city

Of the common problems that face us as tourists are turned off the cell phone or the need to ship it through Tjona. Seoul will not confront you in this problem so that all the shops provide customers with the possibility of charging mobile for free and without charge, and without the embarrassment caused, usually, for a request of this kind. This is simply a service to society, and this is not rediculous when talking about the largest producer of cellular phones in the world.

Cairo , capital of Egypt , is the only city in the continent of Africa, which contains the subway!
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Travel in public buses in Stockholm is free for those with a child in the stroller.

The famous energy drink, Ridbol, the invention is Thai . Brew amended over time to fit the taste of the west, but the original recipe is still present there.

Headquarters of the company that created the game "Angry Birds" that has swept the world is located in Helsinki. The city does not hide Anfalha and pride of the game, and expresses the joy of angry birds through a private game stores.

Who among us did not hear about the "Lisseesta" Spanish , with a nap after lunch, which is known by the Spaniards more than others, although they are usually deployed in several cultures and peoples. But our theme this Leach, Fbalamkan say that this term has become Collapse history no longer exists in the life of modern Spanish food, especially in the big cities, such asMadrid .
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Amsterdam's population is 800 thousand people. The number of bicycles which is 880 thousand!
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Visiting Venice , which is one of the most important tourist cities in the world, about 18 million tourists annually, which is equivalent to 600 thousand a day! As the number of tourists has become outnumber the population, and thus prices were rising as it carries not local, there are unofficial estimates say that the gun be unloaded from the population and turn into a ghost town or city parks by 2030.
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Athens boasts that the crime rate is the lowest in Europe, making it a safe tourist experience, as well as It is a city of historical and archaeological mission.
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If there is a need to build a museum for the pasta, it is certain that Rome will be the title. If you visit Rome, you must visit the Museum of pasta ( the National museum of pasta foods  ) to enjoy the Museum of comprehensive (and scrumptious) specializes in this famous Italian food.
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Until 1916 used to store "Harrods" famous in London on the sale of cocaine and cocaine products to its customers.
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Have you heard of the situation of mental illness, which the researchers dubbed the name "syndrome Paris "?! Is a psychological condition occurs for tourists (mostly Japanese) and compelled him to cut the trip to Paris and return to his home, and the reason is that he was not ready to trauma resulting from the discovery of the fact that Paris is not the most beautiful and the greatest place on earth, in the sense that it did not fit the image of the ideal built by to Paris in his mind based on the films and novels, and broadcast and broadcast on the media through history for the City of Lights!
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